Jamie's Secret Garden 25 Years of Bloom

Design the Tree of Your Dreams with These Unique Christmas Ideas

It is hard to believe that Christmas is less than two months away, yet holiday décor is popping up all around us. Even though it may seem a bit early to begin decorating your home, it is never too soon to be inspired. For me, each time the seasons change, I know I must stop into Jamie’s Secret Garden for inspiration. This month, Jamie’s displays blossomed with the promise of a beautiful holiday season.

My holiday trees have always been rather traditional, but after visiting Jamie’s Secret Garden during her Holiday Open House, I have a feeling that my Christmas trees are going to have an entirely new look. Thanks to Jamie, I now realize that you can decorate your tree to your heart’s desire. In fact, you can even use your favorite things, not just traditional ornaments to make it truly unique. Take a peek at this garden-inspired arrangement Jamie created using birdhouses, watering cans and friendly garden fairies.

Jamies Blog 1 10-25-14

Jamie’s Secret Garden has trinkets nestled around every corner of the store, so finding interesting pieces to incorporate into your themed tree would be very easy and fun.

I have to give the best tree award to a gorgeous, soaring evergreen displaying an impressive array of lodge-inspired decorations. The masculinity of the tree’s antlers and woodsy accents make it stand out, but the softness of the ribbons and understated color scheme of hunter green and rich maroon give it the perfect balance.

Jamies Blog 2 10-25-14

For the young at heart, Jamie’s Secret Garden also features a fun, whimsical tree. I loved the bright lime green hues and sparkling, glittery accents. The snowmen peeping their cute noses out from between the branches reminded me of my favorite holiday story, Frosty the Snowman. This tree was another great example of using nontraditional pieces likes plaques as ornaments to add a unique touch.

Jamies Blog 3 10-25-14

I also loved how Jamie skipped the traditional star on top of the tree and instead created a topper with flashy colored, glittery twigs, giving the illusion of a taller, fuller tree. She also mixed in a more traditional pattern of red and green plaid with a thick, bold ribbon that twists and turns all around the tree, giving it a pop of color.

And last but not least, another tree that stole my heart was perfect for those of us who like to stand out with a more non-traditional approach. By using colors you don’t typically see during the holiday season, you can show off a different side of winter with frosty hues of white, copper and turquoise. The ivory and gold tones, along with fun accents like owls, birds, nests and interesting ribbon curling throughout came together impeccably in this tree. It’s a winter wonderland, complete with frosted pine cones and glittering icicles.

Jamies Blog 4 10-25-14

Jamie shared an interesting tradition with me as we browsed the store. Did you know that it is a German tradition to place a bird’s nest inside your holiday tree? It’s said to bring good luck in the New Year. Jamie’s Secret Garden is full of luck as a bird’s nest rests peacefully in each of the trees.

Don’t miss the chance to be inspired this holiday season. Stop by Jamie’s Secret Garden to pick out your favorite tree decorating style today!

Enlighten Your Senses at Jamie’s Secret Garden

There is something special about autumn that sets your senses into overdrive. It’s the scents of fallen leaves and pumpkin spice, and the bright colors of scarlet and gold that make it my favorite time of year. At Jamie’s Secret Garden, the newest season is thriving. It’s everywhere — from the festive decorative pieces for your home, to the seasonal floral wreaths and the aromatic scent of autumn scented candles.

Jamie has created a space where I am motivated to decorate in a way that brings the allure of the season inside. So inspired in fact, that I gathered up five different pieces at Jamie’s that would give my guests an autumn experience through the five senses:

Taste: I started with a favorite – tickling the taste buds. Jamie’s Secret Garden has a great collection of soups, dip mixes and jams to please your palette with all the best bounties. If you want to lay your table with the best of your own creations, check out her latest cookbooks.

Jamies 1 9-26-14

Smell: As Jamie has an entire room dedicated to candles, you can’t leave without at least testing them. Bring your sense of smell to an entirely new level when you add pumpkin spice and apple cider aromas into the air. My favorite of Jamie’s candles is a pumpkin harvest scent in a decorative jar.

Jamies 2 9-26-14

Sight: My favorite hues anytime of the year are yellow and gold, which is why I am so drawn to decorate for fall. Golden hues, rich reds and warm oranges are in every room at Jamie’s Secret Garden, immediately pleasing the sense of sight upon entry.

Jamies 3 9-26-14

Touch: As I shopped, I asked Jamie to name her favorite of the five senses. Her eyes lit up when she described the new linens and faux florals she recently put up around the store. Her favorite is the touch and feel of velvety fall leaves and silky, plaid ribbons that adorn the festive wreath hanging on the front door. The texture of the leaves adds to the design, while the ribbon and linens, like burlap and thick cotton are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Jamies 4 9-26-14

Sound: In addition to the crunch of fallen leaves under your boots or the cheers at a football game, autumn comes with soothing sounds thanks to Jamie’s selection of CDs. I happily pushed play on the CD player as I shopped and even took home a copy of a nature-inspired collection to help set the mood for cozy evenings spent indoors when the weather gets cold.

Visiting Jamie’s Secret Garden makes decorating for fall easy and enjoyable. Stop by soon for your own experience of the five senses.

Autumn Weather Has Arrived at Jamie’s

One of my absolute favorite things about walking into Jamie’s Secret Garden is I can always tell the season upon us by simply looking around at the beautiful displays. Last week introduced the first brisk hint of autumn weather, the ideal setting for Jamie’s Annual Fall Open House. The event was the perfect way to kick-off the introduction to new décor, ranging from Halloween to Thanksgiving, and everything in between.

I was excited to see all the beautiful colors in every room, walking through the store more than once so as not to miss any hidden treasures. While there, several other ladies were taking in the displays, aromas and settings, excitedly sharing their finds. Here are some of the quotes I overheard during my visit:

Jamies 1 9-14-14

As I made my way toward the kitchen room, I was drawn to wonderful scents and just had to try the goodies laid out for the event. Each one was offered for sale or served as a completed recipe found in the newest Gathering of Friends cookbook. I was hooked and just had to put the latest in the series on my Jamie’s Wish List on Pinterest.

My next stop was in Jamie’s Wardrobe, a room plush with the latest fashions inspired by Jamie’s recent trip to Market. She came back with several new items you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Jamies 2 9-14-14

New items bring in the rich colors of the season, while still keeping it light on warmer days.

Jamies 3 9-14-14

Finish your favorite outfit with a warm jacket in colors and finishes sure to catch attention.

Jamies 4 9-14-14

Turquoise jewelry is the perfect way to add a pop of color to the darker hues that attract us in the cooler months. I plan on wearing mine well into the winter.


As we embrace the arrival of a new season, why not celebrate with Jamie’s Secret Garden? If you were able to attend the Fall Open House, I’m sure you were rewarded as I was by simply walking through the new layout of the store. If you missed out, be sure to stop by and see what Jamie has created. I’m sure all of the ladies would love to see you!



Take Your Favorite Accessories With You

Summertime is the perfect season for many things, but one of the top things on my mind is vacation. Whether you are traveling somewhere tropical or visiting old friends, there is always one thing that everyone’s vacation has in common: packing a suitcase.

There are several reasons why packing a suitcase can be stressful but leaving your favorite clothes and accessories behind shouldn’t be one of them.  My most recent shopping trip to Jamie’s Secret Garden solved those problems because as I browsed the new Aztec and Bohemian inspired accessories, I realized how many different looks could be created by mixing and matching.

Jamies 1 8-11-14

I picked out several blouses and noticed that Jamie’s new line of light-weight jackets made each one look different. I loved the large selection of scarves in several colors and patterns, noticed how many different looks could be created simply by mixing and matching with various different necklaces. By doing this, I was able to make several unique outfits with just a few main pieces.

Jamies 2 8-11-14
A black and white dress caught my eye and so I shopped for jewelry and a jacket to go with it. I used a light-weight denim jacket, a clutch purse and several layering necklaces to create a casual outfit that would be perfect for a day of shopping while on my vacation.

Jamies 3 8-11-14

Next, I found a statement necklace and earrings set that matched the dress and created a fancier outfit to wear out to a formal dinner while on the trip. By wearing it without the jacket and necklaces from earlier, it looks like a completely different outfit. This is the perfect solution to my overstuffed suitcase!

The great thing about Jamie’s large collection of accessories is that there are styles to match any look. Casual, formal, Bohemian, vintage, modern…the list goes on and on. Whether you love gold pieces or are drawn to sterling silver, there is always an accessory at Jamie’s that will be the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

Jamies 4 8-11-14

My favorites pieces from Jamie’s extensive selection of jewelry and accessories were hard to narrow down, but here are just a few of the pieces that caught my eye during my most recent trip.

Jamies 5 8-11-14

Yellow bangles, $20.95, beaded Aztec bracelet, $9.95, coral beaded head band, $12.95, turquoise ring, $11.50, turquoise bracelet, $18.50, wrap bracelet, $7.99, long beaded layering necklace, $27.50, purse, $65.50

Stop by Jamie’s Secret Garden yourself to see the array of accessories and enjoy all of the new items and arrangements. There are new items and signs of the changing seasons around every corner.

Jamie’s Wish List

Any woman who has planned her wedding or eagerly awaited the arrival of her newborn has likely experienced the excitement of putting together a gift registry. It is the perfect way to help guide anyone who wishes to help celebrate a new couple or baby in the best way possible: by giving gifts they picked out themselves.

During my most recent trip to Jamie’s Secret Garden, I discovered something amazing had bloomed in the store. Jamie brought the magic of a registry inside her garden in the form of “Wish Lists” that customers can create for themselves. Registries aren’t just for brides and new moms anymore. Anyone shopping in Jamie’s can create a Wish List to give family and friends ideas for birthdays, Christmas, house warming gifts or simply to brighten someone’s day.

Imagine my giddiness when I discovered that Jamie’s Wish Lists are even more fun than going around the store and picking out my favorite items to share with you each month. Now I get to combine it with my love for Pinterest and create my very own Pinterest Board on Jamie’s account so that anyone can see my Wish List.



My first thought was convenience for myself- all I have to do is take Jamie’s tablet around the store, snap pictures of the adorable home accents, wreaths and candles that I know would love to put in my own home, upload them to my very own Pinterest Board and share it with friends and family when they ask what I’d like for my birthday.

After I got over that excitement, I had another thought: How convenient for my husband, my mother and my grandmother. They’ve been known to put on the pressure at holidays and I tend to lean toward the gift card idea when I can’t come up with something fun on the spot. No more worries about whether or not I’ll love the gift they choose because my Pinterest board will be full of inspiration! And let’s face it – a gift is much more fun to open than a gift card.


7-2-14 2

If you are not familiar with Pinterest, no worries. It is a convenient and fun way to bookmark inspiration, products and ideas from your favorite brands, stores and many other Internet sources. Pinterest makes it easy to share your board on social media sites like Facebook and through email, so you can spread the word about your Wish List to your friends and family instantly.

The next time you visit Jamie’s Secret Garden, take a moment to explore the store with Jamie’s tablet in hand and create your own wish list. It’s very easy to do and Jamie’s staff can help you get started. You never know when someone may be looking for ideas to surprise you – why not give them a little help along the way?

Jamie’s Tips on Bringing the Fun of Indoor Décor Outside

What better way to spend your summer days than relaxing outside? As I browsed through Jamie’s Secret Garden on my most recent shopping trip, I couldn’t help but think how perfect it would be to create a space outdoors where I could relax with a book and a cool glass of iced tea on a summer day.

The best part of this time of year is that you can create a living space outside that gives you more room to relax or entertain guests. Jamie’s Secret Garden has perfect home décor elements than can transform any patio or deck space into a gorgeous area. Having extra space is perfect for gathering with friends for a BBQ or sitting outside with a cup of coffee. There are also many pieces like outdoor throw pillows, pots, statues and plants that can transform any porch into a festive, fun and inviting element to your home. The possibilities for outdoor décor are endless.

Jamie's 1 6-5-14
Jamie and I stood outside the store and gathered inspiration from the greenery on the porch. She also showed me some of her favorite pieces for entertaining, one of which is a fairy crown that she creatively displayed around a bowl in a whimsically-inspired place setting. It is the perfect touch for a garden inspired tablescape.

As we made our way around the store and outside, I noticed many potted plants of silk geraniums, daisies and potted grass. Pointing to the geraniums, Jamie gave me a great tip about how decorating your exterior has many benefits other than creating eye catching curbside appeal.

Jamie's 2 6-5-14

“I’ve always thought it was a good idea to decorate with silk flowers on my porch because the hot summer sun is harsh on the delicate flowers I like to decorate with. Using silk plants outside allows you to choose your favorites and have healthy looking plants you don’t have to constantly water,” she said.

Thanks to Jamie’s incredible selection of silk flowers, pots and planters, I didn’t have any trouble finding a generous selection and inspiration for my own front porch.

Jamie's 3 6-5-14

As always, after walking around the store, I realized I had started collecting all of the decorative items that caught my eye. This time, I had some fun arranging my favorite finds atop a bright green outdoor table and chairs set that was practically begging me to take it home to my deck. Here are my finds. What items have caught your attention during your most recent visit to Jamie’s Secret Garden?

Jamie's 4 6-5-14

My picks: “Always Believe” inspirational quote cups, $3.25 (comes in set of 4), large metal tray, $29.95, teal printed pillows, $31.25 each, twin flower pot with chalkboard sign, $11.50, potted geraniums, $12.95 each, chevron table runner, $33.50


The Jamie Experience – Transform Your Kitchen Into Something Amazing

I’ve always said “A little inspiration goes a long way.” I learned that saying is truer than ever before this past week when I visited Jamie’s Secret Garden.

I had a project in mind but had no idea where to start. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Thankfully for me, I had Jamie’s expertise, so I didn’t fret long.

With a newly remodeled kitchen, I set out on a mission to find the perfect pieces to adorn the tops of my cabinets. I wanted décor that naturally fit in a kitchen with bright colors and unique pieces to add an interesting element to my kitchen.

As you know, my favorite thing to do at Jamie’s Secret Garden is to make a couple “rounds” through all of the rooms. Above every door and on top of the mantels and shelves, there were endless possibilities that would fit perfectly above my cabinets. Here’s the one that caught my eye the most:

Blog 1-4-30-14

I loved how the potato vines and branches filled the space while also giving bright color and texture to the overall look.

After I had my inspiration, I turned it over to the pro. Jamie shared some very helpful tips with me about how to decorate above my kitchen cabinets.|

Blog 2-4-30-14

1. Pick a color theme. Choose colors that complement each other and stand out. Jamie suggested that I choose items from my color theme and then incorporate a combination of those colors into each “group” of decorations I placed on top of the cabinets. Using the colors as a guideline really helped me choose which vases and objects would go where. After browsing the store, I chose a color theme with red, turquoise and green, finding pieces that stood out to me.

Blog 3-4-30-14

2. Get up close and personal. When placing objects together, the closer the better. Jamie suggests that items placed next to each other should be no more than a hand width apart. Groups of décor, like vases, prints, statues and plants are more eye catching and cohesive when placed together.

Blog 4-4-30-14

3. Go green. Use greenery and florals to fill in space. In order to make your décor really stand out, add leaves like potato vines, which make spaces appear full and fills in any space left between groups.

4. Hit repeat. Using items repeatedly throughout your décor creates a great theme and is the “glue” that holds your inspiration together. For my cabinet project, Jamie suggested using potted herbs. These were a great addition to the project not only because herbs fit perfectly in the kitchen, the small pots were easy to place wherever I needed some space filler. Can you spot the pots?

Blog 5-4-30-14

Are you ready for the finished product? Before I show it off, I have to explain that all the credit goes to Jamie and her amazing advice and keen eye for décor. She is truly passionate about helping people create their very own secret garden.

Blog 6-4-30-14

To see the pieces that inspired my project, visit Jamie’s Secret Garden. Jamie will be hosting Customer Appreciation Week May 5-10 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. A special ribbon cutting will be held in honor of Jamie’s 25 years in business on Monday, May 5 at 4:30 p.m. Shop during Customer Appreciation Week and receive a complimentary gift with your $25 purchase. Don’t miss this exciting event – join Jamie’s Secret Garden for the celebration!


The Jamie Experience – Spring Has Arrived!

Do you know what my favorite thing about spring is?

It’s that moment when it’s finally nice enough outside that you can open your windows for the first time in months. There’s a hint of the smell of green grass in the air, the breeze drifts inside and the sun shines light in the nooks and crannies that have been hidden away all winter long.

My most recent trip inside Jamie’s Secret Garden reminded me of that feeling I always get when I realize that spring is finally here.

New Picture

How did Jamie create the feeling of a new season in the middle of a winter that just won’t seem to go away? It’s because she brought the glory of outside indoors and now anyone who shops at Jamie’s Secret Garden can add the freshness of spring into their home as well. Take your pick of the beautiful green grasses and bright florals just begging to be put in an arrangement, the ceramic pots waiting to be filled with fresh potting soil and the cheerful birds, rabbits and other beautiful statues who can’t wait to come out and play after a long winter of hibernation.

New Picture (1)

While shopping around during Jamie’s Secret Garden’s Spring Open House, my eyes, ears and hands were in overdrive.

I couldn’t take my eyes off all of the beautiful spring colors:

New Picture (2)

I couldn’t help but overhear the other shoppers around me talking about how much they love Jamie’s:

New Picture (3)

And I definitely couldn’t keep my hands off some of my favorite finds:

New Picture (4)

My Favorite Finds:
From the back: Red tulips: $4.75, yellow vase: $11.25, “Love is Patient” canvas print: $25.95, “Be Happy” flower sign, $12.95, potted grass: $11.50, teal necklace and earrings set: $26.95, teal glass jar with flower: $7.50, floral print scarf: $12.95, polka dot scarf, $12.95.

These items are my favorite because they prove that there is always something for everyone at Jamie’s Secret Garden. The room that is filled with floral pieces and empty pots is heaven on earth for those of us who love to create our own arrangements (and even if you do need some inspiration to get started, Jamie has her own creations all over the store). Plus, every woman appreciates a great scarf and with all of the variety of prints, colors and ways to wear them, you could find anyone’s next favorite no matter their taste or style.

Another thing about Jamie’s that I have noticed each time I visit is the unlimited ways I could brighten someone’s day. I love the small trinkets that adorn the shelves, bookcases and tables. I always find little vases with cheerful flowers that I think would really brighten the desk of a good friend or an inspirational plaque that could shine a little light on a loved one’s morning every time they passed it hanging on their wall. I love knowing that Jamie’s will always have a small gift that will go a long way because it’s something I can share with the people I love as a simple token of friendship or appreciation.

Visit Jamie’s Secret Garden soon so that you can share in my excitement of the new season and be inspired to share your own “favorite finds.”

The Jamie Experience – Through the Eyes of a First-Time Customer

I am so excited to introduce a new edition to Jamie’s Secret Garden’s website. This new blog, The Jamie Experience is going to be an adventure and I can’t believe my own luck- walk through one of the most beautiful stores in St. Joseph, MO, and then write stories about all of the great things I find? What woman wouldn’t love to do that?

I promise that when you read The Jamie Experience blog, you’ll walk away knowing that your next beautiful home decor piece is right at your fingertips. You will also never have to wonder where to go to find the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

My first visit to Jamie’s store was a whirlwind; there was just so much to see! I tried on hair accessories, ran my hands across the soft pillows and starred admiringly at the inspirational prints on the walls. I could have stayed for hours. The next time I went, it had already changed, new pieces blooming all over in the many different rooms, so walking around again was a completely new experience just a couple weeks later.

Purple Flowers 1

That’s just one of the beauties of Jamie’s Secret Garden-the fact that is it always changing, just like your own backyard garden. You never know when the next best thing is going to bloom around the corner.

As I walked through the store, I couldn’t help but notice that the separate rooms reminded me of the ever-changing four seasons. There are vases and home accents in warm autumn colors and cozy pillows that remind me of chilly winter days and just a few steps away in another room, there are splashes of bright spring greens and bursts of yellows and blues that made me feel like summer would be here any day.

Green Candlesticks 1

Another fun thing you will see on this blog are collections of my favorite things. I just can’t help it- every time I walk around Jamie’s Secret Garden, I have to carry something around with me, and then before I know it, by the time I’ve made the whole loop back to the front of the store, I have a handful of items. Whenever that happens, I promise to share what it was that grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. This time, here are my finds:

How to be a Lady 1

And the best part? All of these are so affordable and would make great gifts! Clockwise from the top: Kissing Royal Birds Statue: $22.99, Croc Skin Coral Wallet, $25.25, “How To Be A Lady” $16.99, Glass Jar with Key Accent, $9.95, Printed Party Luncheon Napkins, $8.25, Wooden Tray, $24.95.

There are just so many hidden treasures inside Jamie’s Secret Garden. Visit The Jamie Experience blog again soon to see what else has popped up since my last visit!

The Simple Things Can Change a Room

One of the most rewarding past times during the long summer months is the redesign of a room within your home. And, now that it’s hot and you’re inside, it’s the perfect time to look around and get the creativity flowing. Clean the pallet; start by taking down all your accessories and small furniture. It clears your mind and helps see the room in a new way. Sometimes, removing everything inside and starting over with your design approach can help you create a whole new and exciting look. Here, I’ll share a few of the steps I go through when resetting the store.

I take my own imagination and creativity and blend it into the design of a room. I often start with the color. If I plan to add a new color within a room, I need to do so a minimum of three times in the shape of a triangle. Paint the molding or even switch the curtains from room to room to achieve a new look. I simply embrace the inspiration of the season, draw from within and produce the desired effect.

Also, keep in mind the proportion of the rooms – if you have big rooms, you need to use bigger things to fill the space. The function of the room also matters, so decorate according to its intended purpose. How do you want the room to feel – light and airy or intimate and cozy? I take these elements into consideration when I decide the style I want for a particular room.

Let’s use my rooms as an example of this inspiration.

Pops of Color 1

Start with color. When you first enter the store, you’ll notice red tulips and poppies as the main focus, providing a pop of color to the whites and grays of the furniture. Most of the color in this room is neutral, yet I pulled the red out of the tulip pictures to achieve the desired accents. Notice how your eye is drawn to the different points of color, yet they help to tie together the entire look. Orange and turquoise are trending right now and they are so in demand, I have a hard time keeping them in stock.

Bedroom 1

Next, look at textures and how color impacts the room. Every home has a bedroom. Mine within the Garden is laced with romance and elegance. I like to hang different items from above, something to draw your eye heavenward, allowing you to picture it in your own home. More importantly, I like to add different textures to the room to give it more personality. Notice the varying textures in the Garden bedroom and pay attention to the feel of the colors. Darker colors give the room more visual weight, making things feel heavier. When using dark colors, I always like to use a contrast color to make things pop. A good design is always made of three shades: light, medium and dark tones in the room.

Rustic 1

Consider a statement piece. This photo is a glance inside our Country-French inspired room. Notice the blend of different textures to give it an interesting display. But there’s one thing in particular I want you to notice in this picture: the peacock. This is what I consider to be a statement piece. It is something that draws the eye, creates an interesting focus point and is a great conversation piece.

Red 1

This corner of the store is perhaps my favorite. It is part of our French country inspired room, which includes red accents for summer. Notice how the red pops on the table and the window. These are items I brought from home and blended into this room design, demonstrating how easy it is to pull from something you already have to create a new look. Decorating with red makes me happy as it’s easy to tone down with shades of green and gold or anchor with black. Paired with green walls and accents, it creates a complementary color scheme using two opposite colors on the color wheel.

Find your favorite spot in the house, add a red tablecloth and put your arranged pieces on top of the table. Watch how the corner of the room – or the entire room – takes on a whole new look. Whether you want French country or simple elegance, you’ll be amazed how one little change can overhaul the look of the room.

I have many more ideas to share all throughout the store. Come on by and see what you’ve been missing in Jamie’s Secret Garden.