Jamie's Secret Garden 25 Years of Bloom

About Jamie’s



Jamie’s Secret Garden has been providing fresh inspiration for your space since 1988. We recently added a clothing and accessory line with you in mind. Our design-inspired layout features 4,000 square feet of unique apparel and complimenting accessories, furniture, and décor – all arranged in cozy, room-like settings.

Upon entering, you will find yourself enveloped by peaceful elements found in nature. Our cozy, home-like atmosphere makes uncovering each treasure a special treat. You will leave feeling refreshed and renewed, bursting with new ideas and ready to tackle all your home decoration projects.

Much like a real garden, Jamie’s selection changes with the seasons. From the crisp, vibrant colors of spring to the warm, soothing tones of winter, Jamie’s Secret Garden will inspire you with great gift giving and decoration ideas throughout the year.

Jamie’s clientele of local designers use the store to get fresh ideas when creating space for their clients. The inspiration from the Garden attracts customers not only locally but all across the country. We also invite you to find “the key to capturing the essence of home.”